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Helmet Cap Protective Welding Helmet

Helmet Cap Protective Welding Helmet

Brand name: T-safety

Model number: S03117

Products name: Helmet Cap Protective Welding Helmet

Color: silver, yellow, red, blue


-High-quality PP material, flexible and durable


-Handy ratchet adjustment knob for the head hoop


-Different sizes for welding filters are available


-Perfectly protect your eyes against UV and IR rays


Does a welding helmet protect your eyes?

Welding helmet for gas welding, brazing, and torch cutting work. It is one of the most important personal protective equipment a welder must have. Wearing the right helmet not only protects your eyes and skin from severe sparks but also protects your eyes and skin from the ultraviolet and infrared rays emitted by electrical arcs that can damage your eyesight.

Welding helmets are completely protective against eye injuries as long as individuals keep them set over their eyes when welding or viewing round welds. Many welders have worked for 40 years, welding 8 hours a day without hurting their eyes. Any injuries stemmed from the introduction of a circular segmented light without the head restraint turned on.

Delaying inspection of welding lights without wearing a hood for protection can cause lasting retinal damage, including impaired vision or even vision defects. If you see welding without wearing protective glasses, speak with an eye specialist immediately to investigate any damage to your eyes.

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