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Helmet Cap Protective Welding Helmet

Helmet Cap Protective Welding Helmet

Brand name :T-safety

Model number : S03117

Products name:Helmet Cap Protective Welding Helmet

Color: silver, yellow, red, blue


HIGH quality PP material, flexible and durable,


Handy ratchet adjustment knob for the head hoop,


Different sizes for welding filters available,


Perfectly protect your eyes against UV and IR rays,


Do welding masks protect your eyes?

Applied for gas welding, brazing and torch cutting work.

they totally forestall eye harm as long as the individual consistently has it set up, over their eyes when welding or watching a circular segment weld. A great many welders have worked forty years welding 8 hours per day without eye harm. Any harm originates from introduction to the circular segment light without the head protector on.


Delayed survey of welding lights without the defensive hindrance of a veil may make lasting retinal harm including waterfalls, inconvenience seeing and even visual deficiency. On the off chance that you have seen welding without defensive eyewear, talk with an eye specialist immediately to survey any harm that happened to your eyes.

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