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Welding Hood Factory Direct Welding Cap

Welding Hood Factory Direct Welding Cap

Brand name :T-safety

Model number : S03116

Products name :Welding Hood Factory Direct Welding Cap 

Color: silver, yellow, red, blue


Battery powered with solar-assist for long life(up to 5,000 hrs.)with changeable batteries required.

Features auto-off circuitry at 15-20 min.And low battery indicator.

Two independent arc sensors.

Filter darkening reaction is 1/2,5000 sec.Ideal for MMA,MIG, TIG, PAC,PAW, CAC-A.

Variable shade 9-13,variable sensitivity and delay controls.

Light weight well-balanced design fully adjustable headgear provides comfort and reduces fatigue.

Includes replacement cover lenses.

Welding vision, our philosophy is that quality makes the future. We put the health of welder friends first.

Take product quality as our foundation. We use advanced quality control systems to monitor our products.

From raw material procurement, to every production step, to final product delivery, real-time monitoring

throughout the process ensures that we consistently deliver the same high-quality products every time.

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