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Hand-Held Welding Face Shields

Hand-Held Welding Face Shields

Brand name :T-safety

Model number : S03210

Products name :Hand-Held Welding Face Shields



Hand Held Welding Face Shield

Hold these lightweight welding face shields up to your face for quick inspection of welding activity. The welding shade lens, which is generally available in PVC or fibre material, protects your face from the light and heat during welding process. 

Hand held welding face shield is commonly used in construction industry, especially for welder, locksmith, bed worker, etc. Easy to use, inexpensive and effective, ideal for small or quick welding jobs. 


-Selected Material: shock-proof and anti-knock, splash resistant, high temperature resistant.

-Double Filter Lens: protect your eyes and face from strong light and heat emitted by arc welding.

-Scientific Design: Effectively reduces harmful gases and dust generated during welding, reducing the damage to the body.

-Clear Eye Sight: eye protection lens, meanwhile the welding state can be clearly seen.

Light weight, hand-held design, easy to use, interchangeable welding lenses, suitable for every welder

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