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ARC Welding Gloves

ARC Welding Gloves

Product Name: ARC Welding Gloves

Item No : S06606

Pieces per Bag: 12pcs/bag

Pieces per Carton: 120pcs/carton

Carton Size: 45×28×68cm


When using Arc welders, it's important that you can give your hands protection to match the equipment you're using. Our range of Arc Welding Gloves have been designed to provide effective resistance from the heat, welding sparks, and grinding splashes caused by Arc welders.


(1) Durable, heat-resistant, and cut-resistant; equipped with rubber safety sleeves to strengthen the wrist protection;

(2) The backcloth design is easy to evaporate hand sweat; cotton palms absorb sweat and make it comfortable to use; 

(3) A wide range of uses, such as welding, construction, steel processing, handling, etc.

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