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Welding Hand Gloves

Welding Hand Gloves

Product Name: Welding Hand Gloves

Item No : S06605

G.W/N.W(kg): 23/22

Pieces per Carton: 120pcs/carton

Carton Size: 45×25×64cm


Always wear proper gloves when welding or handling recently welded material to protect yourself from sparks, arc burns and the heat from the workpiece.

Welding gloves are now available in different styles to meet the demand for various welding applications. The medium-duty MIG gloves shown here (left) offer ergonomically curved fingers and padded palm for increased comfort and rugged construction for increased longevity. 

The T-Safety gloves (bottom center) are made from cowhide, which provides excellent dexterity, comfort, and durability. Metalworking gloves (top center) and heavy-duty MIG gloves widen the choices available to the welder. While that may have been true in the past, leading manufacturers now offer safety apparel that addresses the welder’s comfort and specific needs. 


Double Palm Work Gloves:

(1) Made from cowhide leather

(2) Fabrics at the back of gloves

(3) Double palm, longer using life

(4) High intensity threads, outstanding durability

(5) Applied for cutting, welding, and hauling work.

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