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White Cotton Gloves

White Cotton Gloves

Brand : T-Safety 

Model Number : S06103

Product Name : White Cotton Gloves

Material: Woolen

Knitting: 7 gauge
Color: White
Weight: 720g


Cotton gloves have a wide range of applications. Wear gloves in time when you work to protect your hands. When using garden tools, the wood handle may leave small wood chips into the skin and cause infection. 

So can the bacteria produced during the work pass through the gloves and enter the skin?

Bacteria can multiply under gloves: Anyone who has ever had to wear any kind of rubber, latex or vinyl gloves for more than 5-10 minutes knows how sweaty and hot it can make your hands, so you can imagine the kind of sweaty soup that can accumulate when gloves need to be worn for even longer than this.

Package Info 

Pieces per Bag 12pcs/bag
Pieces per Carton 600pcs/carton

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