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Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Brand : T-Safety 

Model Number : S06216

Product Name : Nitrile Rubber Gloves


15 gauge nylon and spandex liner sandy nitrile palm coating.

Main Features

1. High-quality natural Nitrile rubber with good elasticity and soft texture. Degradable, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe.

2. Fingertip pockmarked surface: increase friction to provide a good firm grip, making the operation of both hands more flexible and accurate.

3. Super puncture-proof, compact texture and super toughness. It has ultra-tough puncture resistance.

4. Suitable for multiple areas like industrial fields, laboratory work, food processing to protect your hands.


(1) Gauge: 15

(2) Liner: Nylon

(3) Coating: Nitrile

(4) Size: 7/8/9/10/11

(5) EN388:4121


(1) Open back styling in 15 gauge liner provides breathability and flexibility, which minimizes hand fatigue.

(2) Sandy finish features a revolutionary new surface treatment with thousands of micropores on the coating that create vacuum space to disperse liquids and provide a superior grip when contact with the object.

(3) Good durability and sense of touch to the wearer. 

Ideal Applications

(1) Assembling operations

(2) Oily parts handling

(3) General maintenance

(4) Warehousing

(5) Gardening

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