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Goggles Eyewear Wholesale

Goggles Eyewear Wholesale

Name: Goggles Eyewear

Material: PC 

Colour: Transparent, colourful 

Item No: S02212


Features: The eye mask has a ventilation system to increase the airflow and comfort of the home during operation. High quality, lightweight hard and veneer, suitable for anyone face design suitable for use with night vision goggles.

Headband: Advanced design in line with all types of helmets, sights, telescopes, night vision systems.

Test: Impact-proof lenses that exceed the U.S. National Bureau of Standards ANSI Z87.1 level impact resistance standard.

Lenses: Lenses are reinforced with imported polycarbonate fibre (POLYCARBONATE).

100% UVA/UVB protection, as well as anti-fog and scratch-resistant protective outer film layer, can resist dust or liquid splashing wet. 


1. The lens is wide and can protect the face in large areas.

2. Lens using POLYCARBONATE Seiko reinforcement, the impact-proof effect is obvious.

3. Anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment according to the requirements.

4. Mirror leg shutter design, blocking the side of the foreign objects flying.

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