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Christmas tree silicone earplugs

Christmas tree silicone earplugs

Model Number: S04118

Product Name:Christmas tree silicone earplugs

Color: Blue/Orange /yellow(optional)

Material: Silica gel  


Suitable for decoration, construction, factory and site operations, late-night breaks, school self-study and other occasions. It can protect your hearing and reduce noise damage.


  • Quality material: account of these earplugs are made of silica gel, soft to touch and durable, waterproof and not easy to deform, ensure you to use for a long time.

  • Earplug design: the earplug is designed to be a Christmas tree shape, very cute and mini. 

  • The 3-layer lip design can be deep into the ear hole, reducing the ear canal pressure and having a good noise reduction effect.

  • There is a long rope to connect the two earplugs, it is no need to worry about the loss of earplug or falling off.

  • Single box packing: Each pair of earplugs equipped with a clear bag, you can see the earplugs clearly.

  • Effective utility: the earplug can easily rotate in the ears, effectively prevents water from entering the ear without damaging the ear hole, also can serve as noise-proof sleep plugs, which can reduce noise and provide you with better hearing protection

  • Wide of usage: nice gifts to share with your relatives or friends, you also can use them when you swimming, driving, sleeping, bathing and travel, very convenient for you to use in daily life.

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