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Two layer silicone earplugs

Two layer silicone earplugs

Name: Two layer silicone earplugs

Model: S04117

Type: Silicone Earplug

Material: Pure Silicone

Color: Orange or as customer's request


These Two-layer silicone earplugs are applicable for various sizes of the ear canal, with plastic parts designed to effectively seal the ear canal and achieve efficient noise reduction.


Two-layer silicone earplugs have been widely used for sleep, study, work, travel, racing, entertainment, and other complex loud environment, providing hearing protection, sound sleep and efficient study for people.

Recommended Industry

Sleeping, Studying, Working, Fireworks, Power tools, Hunting, Racing, Traveling, Festival, Industrial, Construction, Shooting, Lawnmowers, Motorsport, Sports



  • Pure silicone, which is very environmentally-friendly and innocuous

  • Our silicone earplugs are made of extra-soft, lightweight silicone that seals the ear canal without pressure, tight

  • Vulcanization, not produce plastic articles by injection molding, so they are flexible

  • The  design provides the perfect combination of comfort and hearing protection

  • Graduated design for ideal fit and optimized noise canceling

  • With plastic tube which could help to push the earplugs into ear canals easily, more efficient

  • Fits adults and children. This non-allergenic material is durable and easily washable to reuse as many times as you like. Simply wash and place back in its original container until your next use

  • Filters out harsh sounds. 

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