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Hearing Safety Equipment Wholesale

Working in a noisy environment can harm your hearing, so it's important to wear hearing safety equipment. T-safety offers a wide selection of hearing safety equipment wholesale for all. Whether you need ear plugs or ear muffs, or other hearing safety equipment, we can provide you with the best hearing protection you need. Different types of hearing safety equipment wholesale, high quality and low price, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly staff is always at your disposal.

Different Types of Hearing Safety Equipment

Earplugs fit into the ear canal to form a seal that reduces sound levels to help prevent hearing loss in noisy work environments. Earmuffs fit over the ears to protect against potentially harmful sound levels that cause hearing loss. Compared to earplugs, earmuffs provide longer life and a more consistent fit for reaching their optimal noise reduction rating (NRR). They're also more visible than earplugs for confirming that workers are complying with hearing safety rules.

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