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The Right Full Body Harness-How to Choose

Published on Aug. 05, 2022

What is a full-body harness?

A full-body harness is a harness used to keep the wearer upright when falling from a height. Full body harnesses are made of different types of fabric webbing sewn together to form various configurations or straps. Common webbing fabrics are nylon and polyester. The full body harness is a key part of the active fall protection system, combining the features of a seat harness that supports the hips and thighs and a chest harness that supports the shoulders and chest. A full body harness protects you more than a harness in the event of a fall, and if worn correctly, the wearer will use the full body harness to evenly distribute the impact force of a free fall over a larger area of your body, reducing the likelihood of serious injury.

The Right Full Body Harness-How to Choose

When to wear a full body harness

Falls from height are a common cause of injury and death in the workplace. Therefore, potential risks should be assessed before any work is carried out at altitude. It is important to know when to wear a full-body harness.

When working at height, workers should choose a full body harness to provide support for the buttocks, legs, chest, and shoulders of workers, so that workers can move freely when working at height.

The Right Full Body Harness-How to Choose

Purpose of wearing a full-body harness

The full body harness has two functions:

First, to safely distribute the impact force to the worker in the case of free fall;

Second, to provide enough freedom of movement so that the worker can do their job effectively.

It is important to choose the right full-body harness according to the job position and the staff's own situation.

Choose the right full-body harness

When you're in serious danger of falling from a height, you don't want to wear an old full-body harness, which could put you in danger. It is important for your safety to choose a full-body harness suitable for your height, weight, and job requirements. The full body harness should have the following characteristics:

- Easy to adjust and use

- Allows you to move freely at work

- Prevent damage, wear or tear

- Suits you

Application requirements, size, weight limits, number of connection points, worker comfort, and worker freedom of movement when using the harness are all factors that must be considered when choosing a full-body harness.

If you wear an inappropriate full-body harness and feel uncomfortable at work, you are less likely to use it because it will cause your productivity to decrease due to poor use. It is important to choose the right full-body harness, and it is also important to wear it correctly. If not worn correctly, the webbing can tighten in the event of a fall and cause personal injury. A body harness that is not properly adjusted can cause the webbing to loosen, making the user uncomfortable and causing the personal drop limiter or automatic retraction device to fall further onto the user's back, with serious life-threatening consequences.

If you work at high altitudes, it is important to have a proper full-body harness. T-safety provides high safety and personal protection equipment for you to choose from. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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