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Black Rain Boots

Black Rain Boots

Item No:S08204

Product Name:High-top 10KV insulated industrial rain shoes

Material: PVC                                           

Color: black,white,green, blue                                            

Size: 39-45                                                   

Sole material:Oxford                                    

Acid, alkali, oil resistance


Electrician refers to the electrical maintenance of electricity production and electrical manufacturing、 personnel in industrial production systems, such as construction and installation (Type of work)。 Electrical insulation shoes belong to labor protection. In recent years, frequent safety accidents caused by improper operation and inadequate protective measures by electricians, these events tell us that electricians must wear qualified insulation shoes when they work, because it can effectively reduce the probability of electric shock, it is a guarantee of electrician 's safety.


  • Adding an insulating coated rubber sole

  • Insulation 10KV

  • The shoes are rubber shoes and are insulating materials.

  • The products are strictly in accordance with national standards, using rubber materials, excellent resilience, insulation, water resistance and plasticity, safe and durable.

  • The insulated shoes are suitable for electrical and communication inspectors, electrical contractors, factory and facility maintenance technicians, car manufacturers, and high pressure machine operators.

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