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Item No:S08203

Product Name:Oil and acid resistant industrial rain shoes

Material: PVC                                           

Color: black,white,green, blue                                            

Size: 39-46                                                   

Sole material:Oxford                                    

Acid, alkali, oil resistance


When buying your boots revise the conditions you work in and the level of protection you require. Then consider the following:

  • Selection – Chemical resistant work boots come as shoes, boots, sneakers, riggers, loafers, rangers, wellingtons, ankle boots, high boots, wingtips, clogs, etc. If you are going to be working in an environment with a lot of splashing and sloshing then high boots, knee-high boots, or calf-high boots are recommended.

  • Safety toe  PROTECTION – such as plastic, composite, alloy, aluminum, carbon fiber, etc. are very useful. They protect your toes from a falling object such as drums full of fluids etc. 

  • Waterproof/water-resistant – Materials such as leather, Denier, Gore-Tex, etc., make these boos light and waterproof. These materials wick moisture but do not let the water in keeping your feet dry and happy.

  • Oil resistant – Boots may be exposed to petroleum products such as Vaseline, diesel, grease, oil, kerosene, etc. These substances may cause deterioration of the shoe’s material and construction.


T-Safety S Series 08203 is chemical resistant while being durable and comfortable. These boots are recommended for construction, chemical industries, farming and equestrian purposes, manufacturing, heavy metals, mining, oil, and natural gas operations. The boot brings you safety and comfort. It has the Nanolite footbed that has a gently raised surface. It massages your foot while walking reducing fatigue due to better blood flow. The perforated foam allows ventilation to reduce odor. 

The safety toe has a wide profile to allow an easy flex to the foot. The toe box is padded with a latex cushion liner that keeps the toes comfortable. On impact, the molecules of the guard offer protective shielding that absorbs 90% of the impact force. The All-Terrain soling technology is made of two materials – one absorbs shock while the other supports and is abrasion-resistant.

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