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Medium/High Steel Head Rain Shoes

Medium/High Steel Head Rain Shoes

Brand : T-Safety

Model Number : S08206

Product Name : Medium/High Steel Head Rain Shoes


Because of steel bottom and anti-smashing steel head, so this shoe has a nail and sharp object to wear through the soles, toe hurt by hundreds of pounds of weight,

It 's a omnipotent work shoes, especially suitable for site, mining areas, aquaculture, cold storage, use for fishing, etc. Steel baotou rain shoes are special materials to place a protective device in shoes, let the weight over your toes without injury, the picture below shows, the car doesn 't flatten up his shoes, the guardian of your feet.


Material: EVA                                           

Color: black, white                                       

Size: 39-45                                                     

Sole material:EVA foam                                  

Acid, alkali, oil resistance                      


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