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Good Rain Boots

Good Rain Boots

Brand : T-Safety

Model Number : S08207

Product Name : Good Rain Boots


Acid and Alkali-resistant Rubber Boots are made of high-quality material, mixed with high wear-resistant reinforcing agents, using advanced production technology processing, offering a common resistance to various types of chemicals. Besides, the boots could be equipped with insulation, anti-smashing, puncture-proof and other properties per the clients’ requirements.

The boots protect the feet from damage when they are splashed on the feet with acid or alkaline solutions.  Can be used in such industries as Printing and dyeing, chemical manufacturing, toxic chemical production, pollutants and other general industrial operations


Material: EVA                                           

Color: black, white                                       

Size: 39-45                                                     

Sole material:EVA foam                               

Acid, alkali, oil resistance                        

Detachable cotton sleeve

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