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Reflective Traffic Cones

Reflective Traffic Cones

Brand : T-Safety 

Model Number : S10404

Products Name : Reflective Traffic Cones


Features: impact resistance, sun protection, cold resistance and good reflection effect.

Material: cone PE, rubber base. Added high-quality pigments and anti-ultraviolet ingredients to make the color more stable, lasting and bright.

Reflective material: high-bright reflective film, at night, the light hits on it, can emit dazzling light, so that the driver can clearly see, drive safely, avoid obstacles.


1.Available in three sizes: 50cm, 75cm and 1m.

2.Blow moulded body for strength with Rubber base,interlocking two-part design.

3.Body can be embossed with company names or logos.

4.Heavy duty, 100% recycled cones designed for maximum stability,easy of handling and storage.

5.It may also be ftted with warning lights for increasing visibility.

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