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Road Safety Cone

Road Safety Cone

Brand : T-Safety

Model Number : S10403

Product Name : Road Safety Cone



It can be twisted and pressed at 180 degrees, and the top touches the ground, which can quickly restore the original state. Good soft

Toughness can withstand rolling and impact of vehicles. Good weather resistance, high temperature 65C

No deformation, low temperature--30C does not crack. Reflective effect is extremely strong, both day and night

Very good warning effect. Anti-ultraviolet, not easy to age and durable.

Material: 100% environmentally friendly improved PVC.

Color: fluorescent orange red, red, blue, yellow, green, white (according to requirements)



1.All vinyI construction assures durability and flexibility in all weather conditions.

2.Long lasting billiant fluorescent color provides high vibility protection.

3.Ultraviolet stabilized color provides maximum resistance to fading.

4.High density base creates low center of gravity for maximum stability.

5.Available in various weights and styles to meet specific needs.

6.Options, such as stenciling, hot stamping, reflective collars, or flagadapters

are available.

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