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Rubber Traffic Cone

Rubber Traffic Cone

Brand : T-Safety

Model Number : S10401

Product Name : Rubber Traffic Cone


Product Description

1.Available in four sizes: 50cm,70cm, 75cm and 1m.

2.100% Rubber ,from in one piece,lexiblity.

3.Base can be embossed with company name or logo.

4.Heavy duty, 100% recycled cones designed for maximum stability, ease of handling and storage.

5.It may also be fitted with flashing lights for increasing visibility.


It has the advantages of impact resistance, sun protection, cold resistance, no cracking and no color change. At the same time, it has the characteristics of good reflective effect, strong elasticity and no wrinkle.

Material: Rubber. Added high-quality pigments and anti-ultraviolet ingredients to make the color more stable and bright.

Reflective material: high-bright reflective film, at night, the light hits on it, can emit dazzling light, so that the driver can clearly see, drive safely, avoid obstacles.

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