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Mechanics Wear Gloves

Mechanics Wear Gloves

Product Name: Mechanic Style Gloves

Item No :S06307

Size: S/M/L/XL

Cut resistance level: 5


Mechanics Wear Gloves is a flexible/versatile pair of cut-resistant gloves as you can use it in various applications – some of which include gardening, mechanics, woodworking, detecting, carving, fishing, kitchen works, auto, and oyster shucking. It also tends to work appropriately for men, women, kids, manages, and a wide range of workers.

Gaining the Level 5 rating, I can safely assume that it holds a high cut-proof rating, making it useful as far as protecting your hands is concerned. You will find it valuable when trying to protect your hands from injuries that can be brought on by punctures and cuts when handling sharp objects.

These include a knife, steel, glass, blade, cutter, cutting slicer, plastic sheet, and paper. Your comfort will not also be compromised when wearing this cut-resistant glove because it is ergonomically designed. This specific design ensures that all your fingers will enjoy a comfy and snug fit.

It is lightweight, too, promoting ease in managing and handling your jobs that require a high skill. I love the non-slip nature of this glove as it reduces the risk of slippage when using it underwater or in areas with light oil.



(1) Knitting: 13 gauge polyester knitting liner

(2) Coating: Sandy nitrile coating, TPR impact

(3) Back sewing: Shock proof knuckle TPR sewing

Ideal Applications:

(1) Auto industry

(2) Construction

(3) Mining and oil field

(4) Cutting work

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