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Mechanic Gloves Bulk

Mechanic Gloves Bulk

Item No : S06304

Product Name: Mechanic Gloves Bulk

Gauge: 13

Liner: Polyester

Coating: Nitrile

Size: 7/8/9/10/11


The responsibilities of a mechanic or technician working in automotive or heavy machinery repair include the frequent use of harsh chemicals and pollutants, and sharp tools and objects. They’re also in constant contact with dirt, grime, and debris found built upon the vehicles, used parts, and the entire automotive shop from floor to ceiling. Since a mechanic’s hands are their most useful tool in this particular field of work, it is very important that the proper safety gear is worn throughout the workday.



(1) Knitting: 13 gauge polyester knitting liner

(2) Coating: Sandy nitrile coating, TPR impact

(3) Back sewing: Shock proof knuckle TPR sewing

Ideal Applications:

(1) Auto industry

(2) Construction

(3) Mining and oil field

(4) Cutting work

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