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Mechanic Style Gloves

Mechanic Style Gloves

Product Name: Mechanic Style Gloves

Item No :S06307

Size: S/M/L/XL

Cut resistance level: 5


Mechanic Style Gloves using is the high-performance and high-grade pair. There are plenty of things to like about this glove. I, specifically, love its guaranteed durability the most. It is durable in the sense that it utilizes a material, which is the most resistant to cuts in the market.

In fact,  it has four times the strength of leather, making it truly impressive when it comes to preventing you from getting cut. It also impresses most of its users because of the superiority of its grip. Some even say that it is the best cut-resistant gloves for mandolin and for grasping any other kitchen or work equipment.

It has a snug fit, which works for both small-sized and large hands. I found out that it delivers an incredible performance when used on food preparation or when completing jobs that require a lot of precision. It is compatible with numerous tasks, including slicing, grating, peeling, and cutting in your kitchen.

You will also find it helpful in other applications, like carpentry, oyster shucking, and wood carving, among many others. It is also lightweight, plus it showcases its effectiveness in offering ultimate hand protection. It is constructed using a combination of different materials, namely Spandex, polyethene, and glass fibre.

This combination leads to the production of a glove with a cut protection rating of 5. With its superior grip, holding items that are otherwise awkward and slippery will be more convenient.



(1) Knitting: 13 gauge polyester knitting liner

(2) Coating: Sandy nitrile coating, TPR impact

(3) Back sewing: Shock proof knuckle TPR sewing

Ideal Applications:

(1) Auto industry

(2) Construction

(3) Mining and oil field

(4) Cutting work

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