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Mechanics Wear Gloves

Mechanics Wear Gloves

Item No: S06306

Product Name: Mechanics Wear Gloves

service: OEM/ODM accept

Sizes include: S/M/L/XL

Cut resistance level: Five


You can keep yourself safe and prevent the dangers associated with being cut by the things around you at work. Keep in mind that over a million workers end up being confined in emergency rooms annually because of hand injuries.

Among these are punctures, lacerations, and any other injuries that they could have avoided if they wear the right PPE, especially cut-resistant gloves. Keep your most valued hands safe by making sure that you wear the perfect gloves.



(1) Knitting: 13 gauge polyester knitting liner

(2) Coating: Sandy nitrile coating, TPR impact

(3) Back sewing: Shock proof knuckle TPR sewing

Ideal Applications:

High-performance Mechanix Wear work gloves help make your work easier, no matter what the weather. Grainger stocks warm weather gloves, heavy-duty, high-dexterity, oil- and water-resistant gloves and more. Mechanix Wear gloves are suited for automotive, construction, safety, or lawn and garden work.

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