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Safety Protection Welding Helmet

Safety Protection Welding Helmet

Brand name :T-safety

Model number : S03119

Products name :Auto Darkening Safety Protection Welding Helmet


Welders are now a very common job occupation. During the work of welders, face protection masks are an indispensable tool used to avoid staring directly at the welding flash and causing irreversible damage to the eyes.

So in the welding process, what is the safe distance for watching bystanders?

The answer is 50 meters

Welding work is relatively worse than smoking, which one is worse?

Welding smoke is certainly cancer-causing as indicated by global analysts. This places it into a similar hazard classification as cigarette smoking and a few radioactive substances like plutonium and parts of dangerous chromium IV. Up to this point, welding smoke has just been named "possibly" cancer-causing.

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