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Safety Protection Welding Helmet

Safety Protection Welding Helmet

Brand name: T-safety

Model number: S03119

Products name: Safety Protection Welding Helmet


Safety Protection Welding Helmet

Welders are now a very common working profession. During the work of welders, face protection welding shields are an indispensable tool in order to avoid irreversible eye damage from staring directly at the welding flash. Welding helmets provide proper eye protection for the job at hand through welding lenses. This is why we recommend the use of safety protection welding helmets.

Regardless of the type of welding process, the use of quality personal protective equipment and safe welding methods must be a priority for welders. Welding PPE includes, but is not limited to, eye, face, hand and body protection, the most important of which is a safety protection welding helmet.

One of the essential features of welding helmets is safety and compliance. In the United States, welding helmets are required to meet ANSI standards. The general standards ensure that the helmet's lenses protect the welder from anything that could affect the eyes, and this includes UV and IR filtering, regardless of shade settings.

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